Hand Loomed Turkish Towels

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Something I have fallen totally in love with is our Organic Cotton Turkish Towels (sometimes called a pestemal). Our pestemals are hand-loomed on traditional, shuttle-style looms by artisans who's families have been weaving for generations. Hand-looming is a dying art in Turkey, and this makes it all the more difficult to come by something so soft and earthy as these towels.

At The Green Owl, we strive to bring you the finest of luxury products and the Turkish Towel is no exception. We love them so much, we have brought the traditional pestemal to our shelves in both Organic Cotton and Bamboo. We also have added a line of hand towels for the kitchen and have recently picked up a few ponchos and robes! Our client base has already begun to order these for the holiday season, we are so thrilled to offer one of the hottest luxury items for Holiday Season 2016! 

My favorite is the flat Turkish towel (Pestamel). They are soft and super-absorbent. They dry in a matter of minutes and fold or roll up so small that they can be easily tossed into a handbag or suitcase. They come in a huge variety of beautiful colors that are perfect for all seasons. A lot of people focus on using them as beach cover ups and towels, but I love them for a light wrap in the winter or folded as an oversized scarf. 

What is a Turkish Towel, Anyway? 

 A hand-woven Turkish towel is a special piece of craftsmanship. The common, machine crafted plush towels of today are associated with Turkey because Turkish weavers invented them, but a true hand-woven towel is very different. In the 17th century, women in the sultan’s harem wanted something softer and prettier than the flat towels they were used to.  Turkey’s weavers set about creating the looped, plush towel. They quickly became a sensation. But, in today’s era of machine made fabric only one workshop still weaves plush towels on traditional handlooms remains and we are thrilled to bring their incredible work to you.

Setting up each color on the loom is time and labor intensive. As additional colors are used in a Turkish Towel, the more complex and labor-intensive the weaving process becomes. The material is woven in long lengths with lengths of threads between each pestemal. These rolls of material are then cut and the threads at the end of each pestemal are hand-twisted (or tied, depending on the pestemal style) to create the pestemals' distinctive fringe.

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